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frequently asked questions on using the e-cell™

What is the e-cell™?
The e-cell™ is a digital personal medical assistant. It can be used to treat a vast range of common conditions that are a part of normal life.

What does the e-cell™ actually do?
e-cell™ technology is based on the concept of Synthetic Exercise and integrates the three FDA approved waveforms into a treatment sequence that complements the body’s own process of tissue regeneration following injury. Pain and disuse following injury decrease the electrical currents normally produced in the body’s tissues to drive the healing process. e-cell™ offers a means of assisting the body to replace these absent electrical potentials, thus providing an optimal environment for recovery.
e-cell™ is an induced energy technology, which generates a complex series of energy fields. It induces optimum bio-electrical and bio-chemical stimulus in the body’s cells (blood, bones, muscles, tissues, etc), similar to that which is created during exercise.
In addition to providing pain relief by activating natural inflammatory mediators, e-cell™ also accelerates the healing process of the body. It improves bone growth, tissue repair, blood flow and tendon flexibility.

How do I use e-cell™?
After installing and charging the battery, insert the desired Therapy Card into the top of your e-cell™, activate the device by pressing down on the on/off button and place the e-cell™ over the area of your body to be treated with the bottom/battery side closest to your body.
The e-cell™ may be used with or without the Velcro strap.

How long is each e-cell™ session?
Each e-cell™ therapy card is programmed to operate for 30 minutes and comprises a:

  • warm up period
  • active phase
  • cool down period
Can you use any therapy card for all conditions?
No. e-cell™ therapy cards utilize the Electromagnetic Field in a sophisticated treatment programme designed according to specific pathology, tissue type and stage of healing.
There are consequently 12 e-cell™ cards: Neck, Mid back, Lower back, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle, OA (Osteoarthritis), Bone, Vascular

How are the e-cell™ Therapy Cards different?
e-cell™ protocols are based on the bioelectrical activity involved in the natural repair processes of the various musculoskeletal areas. These physiological sequences have been embedded into expert delivery systems, controlled by sophisticated smart card technology, to create an electronic prescription system capable of delivering an entire pre-determined therapeutic programme.

Will e-cell™ operate without inserting a Therapy Card?
No. e-cell™ is designed to operate for a restricted period of three and a half minutes only without inserting a therapy card to ensure it is functioning correctly. Therapy cards are required to deliver correct treatment programmes.

How can I tell if the e-cell™ is working?
Following activation by depressing the on/off button, the two right hand lights will flash intermittently to indicate that the e-cell™ is operating correctly.
A small vibration of the magnetic coil can also be heard as the e-cell™ emits a therapy signal.

Can I feel the e-cell™?
The electromagnetic field from the e-cell™ can sometimes create a gentle warm feeling in the treating area and initiate a mild vascular response in the area. There is no direct vibration or heat emitted from the e-cell™.

How long will it take to feel a change?
Clinically the e-cell™ assists the body’s healing mechanisms to recover from injury at a much more rapid rate than normal healing processes in the body.
Many of the people using e-cell™ report significant benefits after 2-3 treatments

Does the e-cell™ work on everyone?
The e-cell™ produces an electromagnetic field which “mimics” the stimulation signals of the body during exercise and in doing so can assist new tissue to form without the requirement for physical activity. 
The protocols are the same for any age, sex  or ethnicity

How many times per day should I use e-cell™?
Use the e-cell™ 2-4 times per day initially and then reduce the frequency to once per day as the condition improves.

Over what period of time should I use e-cell™?
The e-cell™ assists in regulating the physiological processes of the body.
Once recovery has been achieved, a maintenance programme of one application per week is highly beneficial, especially for older long standing ailments.


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